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We’re a little astounded that more people aren’t involved with the living green movement, seeing how often we come across the words recycle, reduce and reuse. In our opinion, we all should begin making a greener impact on the planet before it’s too late. By altering just a couple of minor things, not your whole lifestyle, you can begin making a real difference.

greener impact on the planetThis change may actually make you healthier, when you begin buying your food in your own area. You’ve no doubt viewed all the tasty looking produce available at road side stands in your area. You’ll discover other local businesses competing with the big boys with meats, bread and other baked goods, and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

You’ll not only be supporting your local commercial enterprises, but you’ll enjoy better food and a healthier life. Before you pay for their food, you can speak to them to find out if they have used preservatives, hormones or pesticides. Since these goods are locally grown, there’s no need to burn up a lot of fossil fuel transporting them to your region.

local marketMaybe you could think about using recyclable containers to carry your lunch to work as opposed to going out to lunch daily. An awful lot of waste is involved in the manner by which we package goods, so using reusable containers whenever possible is a genuinely good idea. It’s easier to pick out the exact size or amount you need also. It is a superb idea to bring along some reusable silverware also. Food packaged by the serving is a huge waste of packaging, rather than purchasing mass quantities. If you’d like to get started on sending less garbage to your local landfills, think about composting your uneaten fruits and vegetables. What if you don’t grow a garden? Well, there’s always someone not too far away, probably a neighbor, who’ll be pleased to take all the compost you can give them.

less garbage to your local landfillsWhen you are preparing your food, there are some energy saving steps you can take. When you are needing boiling water, place a lid on the pot, as it boils quicker when it is covered. As soon as the water begins to boil, you can immediately turn down the heat.

There is no need to pre-heat your oven for virtually all food – they do not call for it. One more thing that will save on energy is to turn off the oven for the last 15 minutes, when cooking such things as roasts, because the heat that is left will finish the cooking.

energy saving stepsDoes all this appear like a big waste of time to you? Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. There’s really no excuse to not do most of them daily. You cannot overestimate how much energy we’d avoid wasting simply by doing these few small things.
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