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Do you ever think about how much electricity you could be consuming? Do you find yourself simply leaving the lights turned on when you exit a room or do you actually switch the lights off? Many of us do not think about how much electricity we use. Many of us will have the television on the whole day even though we may not watch it or leave the radio on even when we don’t listen. How many people have the heat in their home a couple of degrees higher than it needs to be? Although you need to have security lights switched on at night-time, there is no reason to have them on in the day.

save elctricityWe must make a choice to save on energy since a lot of us use energy without thought. For example, you can easily buy energy-efficient bulbs but we have to make the effort to purchase them. An easy way to cut back on the lighting you use is to let natural sunlight during the day by leaving curtains open.

You’ll find numerous homes that use skylights to let in natural sunlight into the home. As a matter of fact, Wal-Mart employs natural lighting in some of their stores to cut back on electrical use. This has allowed them to save a great deal of money and is helping them to save the environment.

use skylightsYou can make use of alternative energy to generate electrical power. Several homes have solar panels on their roof to power certain areas. This way, all of the power utilized in your household will be produced by the sun. Whenever the sun sets and you run out of collected energy, then your usual electricity will kick back in. In some places, people are using either wind power or water power, and these can also be a very effective source of alternative power.

use of alternative energyThere are also alternatives to leaving porch lights switched when you are not home. Leaving light bulbs on for that long is a big waster of energy, and a real polluter of the environment. One thing you can do is to install solar-powered lights along your driveway. Solar lights come in several sizes, such as tall lantern style, so the look is totally up to you.

Because they don’t require an outlet, the solar-powered lights can be located anywhere. In teh daytime these lights will store power from the sun, and then illuminate your yard as soon as it gets dark. When the solar power runs out, the solar-powered lights turn off, and then begin collecting energy again the next day.

solar-powered lightsYet another alternative is to use a motion light, which will just turn on when there is motion. You’ll save on energy since the light will just turn on when it is necessary instead of it being on all the time. When using alternative methods of generating energy, such as wind or solar power, it would defeat the purpose if you didn’t also utilize energy-saving bulbs.
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