Feb 082012

Energy CrisisThe first thing you will realize is that most men and women never truly think about their energy until it gets disrupted for one reason or another. Every single day folks get into their car and drive to work, or run children to school, or a lot of some other things. They will stop and purchase gas once the fuel gauge gets near empty. Since this is just a thing that men and women are used to they don’t typically think about various other alternatives.

carsThey also have no idea how their car even runs. They know that if there’s no gas, the vehicle will not run, nevertheless they have no idea how the gas that they put into the car, makes it go. You will additionally find that people will change their oil every 3,000 miles but they don’t know why this is additionally so important.

Conserving fuel is a thing that can be accomplished, but when these men and women don’t even know how their cars function, how are they going to know how to save fuel. The process of saving fuel goes right together with green living, but again plenty of people really don’t know what that is either.

green livingWhen you think about it who’s going to be held responsible for this green living? You need to think about the individuals who create the gas that gets sold at the service stations. The car manufactures are various other individuals you will need to look at, as they keep building cars that end up using more gas. Normal people can invest a lot of time trying to conserve fuel, by driving slower, having their automobiles tuned-up, using alternative fuels, driving smaller sized cars, and lots of other things. They can use public transportation, and do car pooling, and with all that inconvenience, how much fuel are they going to save. If enough people did it, plenty of fuel could be saved. Needless to say if the auto makers would stop making the cars that drank down gas like water and would just begin to make more compact cars, more fuel could be saved.

save energyDue to all these reasons you may wonder if there is really an energy crisis. After you wake up in the morning do you think about where the electricity comes from for your lights? You know that you call the electric company and have these people hook it up and so long as you pay your utility bill you will have electricity in your house.

You could obviously end up using other kinds of sources for your electricity and even using different techniques like turning your heat down just a little or using energy saving light bulbs in order to save energy.

If the big electric companies would take just a fraction of their profits and find alternative ways to create electricity, this will be a better choice. If these electric businesses did this, it would no longer be the duty of  every person to  accomplish this themselves.

Energy, let’s save it!

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