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If you happen to be from an older generation, you perhaps recall when living green was a normal practice. Before the advent of fast food eating houses and processed foods, regular food for most people was organic. For those who can recall, nearly everyone kept some sort of garden or they went the local farmer’s market. Now people need to study the food labels just to discover what is in it. Gardening used to be a common practice in everyone’s lives; this is how parents provided food for their kids and keep the surplus foods for winter. People did not believe in wasting food in the past so any food not consumed went back to the garden and combined with the soil.

local farmer's marketAll natural fertilizers were utilized as nutrients for the gardens and people didn’t apply or need pesticides.

Numerous gardens would make a decent amount food not just for the family growing them but also enough to share with the family across the road. That was a time when people familiar with their neighbors, and sharing with each other was something that people practiced. Nowadays we have words such as pesticides, weed killers and artificial chemical fertilizers which were unfamiliar previously. Using these products have destroyed the earth by depleting the nutrients from the ground.

depleting the nutrientsOne thing you might want to ask yourself is, how many of diseases right now are set off by these toxic substances, which also remove a good deal of the nutrients from our foods. Until these health problems start affecting their families, a lot of people never truly think about it. Because most people worldwide are beginning to be affected, a growing number of people are beginning to keep an eye on what they consume. Research have proved that vegetables grown organically have a higher level of vitamins and minerals.

vegetables grown organicallyLiving green is something that most people are now considering, and perhaps it is time for you to think about it also. You need to know that it is time to make changes to your way of life, what with all the heath troubles in the world. Conventional medicine no longer works so it might be time to try alternative health care. You could start by growing or getting foods grown organically. Living green with organic gardening can be a way to mend ourselves, and help mend the Earth.

organic gardeningSome of the pragmatic measures to organic gardening are working with nature to keep the soil healthy and avoiding all chemical substances. Manure and other earth friendly plant foods should be applied rather than toxic substances. Other things you can utilize for putting in nutrients to the ground would be kitchen leftovers and dried leaves from your lawn. By not using artificial fertilizers and weed killers, the gardeners shouldn’t need to be worried about harming pets and wildlife, or even possibly children. Nutrient rich food will be one great thing of making use of organic fertilizers. Organic gardening is good for the environment by decreasing the contamination of the atmosphere and water supply.

organic gardeningEvery time pesticides are utilized, you are told to stay away from the area for a certain amount of time. If these pesticides are so toxic that you can’t breathe them in, how can it be great to eat the food that has absorbed these toxic substances? When you decide not to utilize these insidious chemicals, you can work in the garden whenever you want without needing to avoid the area for any certain lengths of time. Gardeners who dwell where the food is being grown have an incentive to employ the organic method, which is safety and personal health.

By having your own organic garden, you can be certain you’re consuming wholesome foods and saving the planet at the same time.
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