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Why do so many folks think that a huge change in their lifestyle is prerequisite to making an environmental impact? Sadly, this mistaken belief that little changes don’t matter leads, all too often, to doing exactly nada. But they could not be more wrong. Doing just one or two little things is a lot better than doing nothing at all. Here are a few tips from environmental experts that can make a huge difference.

environmental impact One thing that would help lots is if everyone could figure out a way to take even a very short break from using their vehicles every day of every week.

Studies found that individuals hop in their cars more or less 2000 times each year for round trips of less than 2 miles. Do you notice that’s more than five trips a day? Apparently, any number of such trips could have been accomplished on a bicycle or even by walking? Just a little cut back on these short, little trips could amount to big reductions in toxic emanations. If individuals are not able to walk instead of driving, at least they could carpool from time to time. Consider 7 people riding together in a van against 7 people driving 7 vehicles to accomplish the same things; what a reduction in pollution we would enjoy. Imagine a city bus that has forty passengers compared to 40 autos with one driver. Apparently, the more single drivers we can get off the roads, the greater the reduction in toxic fuel emissions.

bus reduce pollutionTo a Martian, America’s favorite interest would appear to be squandering fuel and energy. People waste a whole lot of fuel just sitting in their cars with the engine idling. (This involves inhaling large amounts of exhaust pollution, as well.) When you are waiting for someone, you really should turn off the engine. If you are going to be sitting in traffic for more than ten seconds, turn off the engine. Next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam, just note all the pollution in the surrounding air. Did you know that it not just brings down pollution, but it’s also better for your automobile to let it warm up while driving on a cold morning than just letting it idle? Or, how about getting a little exercise the next time you go to a drive through by parking your automobile and ordering inside?

stuck in a traffic jamThere are lots of easy ways to save on gas while you drive your car. Another easy, minor thing you can do is reduce your lead-footing the accelerator pedal. The slower you drive, the less fuel per mile you use. An auto that is running more efficiently gets better mileage as well, so see to it that you do all of the regular maintenance promptly.

Changing the oil regularly, and keeping fresh oil and filters in place are superb ideas also. If you don’t keep your tires properly inflated, you’ll consume a great deal of gas for no good reason.

keep your tires properly inflatedThese are just some of the simple things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption. These things are all easy, and contribute to your desire to live green. There is nothing complicated or hard about adopting a green lifestyle.
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