Jan 292012

organic foodsYou may be surprised how many people are actually looking for locally grown foods when they go to the store. When you end up choosing locally grown foods you won’t just be helping the environment but you are also able to end up helping your health. Your health and the planet will benefit substantially more when these foods are in addition natural and organic in nature. Below you will learn specifically why this is a great deal better for yourself and our planet.

natural way of farmingTo begin with, when you buy locally grown food there exists a good chance that all the harsh chemicals all that most of the commercial farmers use will not be on your foods. You might of course be able to find farmers that grow every thing without chemicals so you know there won’t be any harsh chemicals on your food. You ought to check with the farmers themselves in order to figure out if they use any sorts of chemicals on their crops.

In all honesty, a growing number of farmers are choosing to return to the organic and natural way of farming. Clearly one can at the same time find locally grown farmers that produce organic meats also. For those of you who choose organic and natural foods, you will end up benefiting from the fact that there will not be any harmful chemicals located with in foods.

didyouknow -organicfoodsThe health rewards are great but there are other benefits from buying locally grown foods. You will be helping the environment in more ways than one. The first way you will end up improving the natural environment by buying local and organic foods is that when foods have to be transported across the country, the fuel being used and the exhaust caused by those trucks causes pollution problems for our earth. I know you already know that our planet is getting increasingly more polluted every single day. This pollution has begun targeting our planet and has also begun to effect our ozone layer, not to mention, has caused health issues for many people. Acquiring locally grown foods might appear to be just a little step but you must remember, that is where it all starts.

chemical substancesNow it is not just about reducing fuel pollution, all the chemical substances that are sprayed on the produce around the United States.

These chemical compounds are poisons that have been developed to only effect insects, but it doesn’t matter how you look at it they’re spraying toxins on our food. And because this is sprayed on the crops, you know that this is also going directly into our air. Furthermore let’s keep in mind that the soil where the chemicals are being dispersed is additionally being effected. Even when you clean off the produce you buy in the grocery stores, some of the chemical compounds have still seeped into the produce and you will probably end up consuming them.

organic _foodsIf we could get everybody on the planet to by locally grown organic foods, the earth would be well on its way to healing itself. And let’s not forget your health and how much healthier everybody will be when they are only ingesting organic foods. And just to reiterate the things I stated earlier, every little bit can certainly help both your health and the planet.

Organic Produce Locally Grown in Biochar with Dr. Joan Gussow and Host Barry Hollister

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