Jun 152012

One aspect in our attempts to live green that calls for more attention is education. The PicoTurbine Company is attempting to address this. What looks like the best way to teach children on the value of alternative energy is the use of the PicoTurbine Company’s kits, books and projects. These things are developed in an effort to convince the kids who will develop the environment they will inherit. Their primary purpose is to get young people to understand the need to advance renewable energy sources. To change the future for the better, green energy is a good place to begin.

PicoTurbine CompanyThe PicoTurbine Company thinks that not simply remembering it or showing them something but to get involved is the most effective means to learn. The kits that are made by the company are designed to get young people involved in learning situations through hands-on projects.

The company’s specialty is wind energy so they demonstrate how to create heat using a picture wire as the heating element. They have discovered that usually reaction of people to wind energy is that it is cold energy, but when they learn that wind can produce heat for the home, they are quite astonished.

wind energyOne other project the PicoTurbine Company has is to have the class split into groups and have them construct wind turbines. The entire class then evaluates which ones worked well, which ones needed less wind to produce electricity and which ones are the best designed. The company has designed a syllabus that they would like for teachers to give to their students. The curriculum not merely includes wind energy but geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric and solar too.

alternative energyDependence on oil produced by countries who are not our allies can diminish when people begin using alternative sources of energy. Employing these alternative sources of energy is turning to be more and more affordable.

Some of the things pointed out by the PicoTurbine Company kits are that a commercial success is already being enjoyed by makers of wind farms and solar batteries. The cost per-watt of solar cells has gone from about $1000 to just $4 in the last twenty years, and is anticipated to be only $1 by the year 2015.

solar cellsOne more field of focus is how fossil fuels are creating great damage to the environment through pollution. It’s been discovered through studies that burning fossil fuels causes serious health consequences. There have been a lot more incidences of asthma attacks, more individuals getting allergies, and even a huge increase of cancer. Our environment would benefit greatly with regular use of clean energy. At least the PicoTurbine Company is making an effort to make it a reality.
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