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Do you know about the HoJo Motor magnetic generator? Is there really such a thing as a magnetic energy generator, and does it function? The HoJo Motor is currently making quite a stir on the Internet. The HoJo Motor is a device that has been doing away with people’s electricity bills by creating completely free energy. Fact: 3 US Patents have been granted to the HoJo Motor by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Unbelievably, with no fuel, no combustion, from nowhere, free electricty is produced by the HoJo Motor magnetic generator, and the term free energy device is much deserved. You can create your own device for making no-cost energy by following the plans developed by Hojo Motor’s engineers which are based on Howard Johnson’s patented magnetic generator.

As the plans make it so easy, numerous people have jumped right in and made devices of their own. Howard Johnson, regarded as the “father of spintronics”, spent his life attempting to build a free energy device. Johnson was one of the greatest inventors of the last 100 years.
HoJo _Motor
With the invention of the magnetic generator, he attained his aim of giving people a way to have free electricity. Today we have the opportunity to have our own HoJo Motor, following the release of the plans. The plans are really user-friendly, which makes constructing this machine easy for everybody, even those without any DIY experience.

HoJo MotorBig Energy Corporations wasn’t happy with what Johnson invented, because it was a threat to their net profit. People making their own no-cost electricity would mean the loss of billions of dollars, so this had to be suppressed and a campaign was launched with that intention. It worked for a short time, but the plans are available on the Internet now. The device must be of value if the big companies don’t want it to be publicly available. The HoJo Motor magnetic generator plans is a product that is downloadable instantly and has a 60 day guarantee, so there is no risk to using it. Even though the plans are available right now, they could well be taken down once more.

HoJo Motor_Even though good reviews are numerous, maybe this is something that you need to try out for yourself. There are many good reasons for buying the plans for the HoJo Motor magnetic generator so let’s discuss a couple of them again. The device makes energy, and obviously not just any old energy but free energy, and it’s been given 3 US patents.

It is believed that with this device, appliances can be powered by free electricity which will also power other home uses. The outlook is that household energy bills will on average be reduced by a whopping 70%. People are enabled to produce their own energy. Much finely detailed information is given in the guide, making the construction of one of these magnetic energy generators quick and easy. Even if you have no experience, the guide can easily be followed.

hojo-motor-3-patents_You’ll get some amazing extras. What you have to know is that you can build your own magnetic generator with the information and plans you’ll receive. Your electricity bill will be reduced  by using your  own HoJo Motor  Magnetic Generator.
Howard Johnson Magnet Motor

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